At Landmark Rabbit Management we offer the full range of trapping services, which are available in two formats, live catching and humane killing traps.

Live trapping is carried out with baited cage traps. It is normal to set a large number of these in the clearance location and we have a stock of over 100 ready to go cages. This method is used where for whatever reason other methods cannot be used and in addition should any non-target animals be caught, they can be released unharmed by the operator on inspection. All our traps are inspected at least twice a day and often in heavily infested areas at night, to ensure minimum distress to the caught rabbits. All rabbits are swiftly dispatched by our trained operators and removed from sight. As with all traps they work 24/7 so on a time engaged basis offer a real return for the money invested.

In addition the cages are secured to the ground to prevent them and their occupants being removed by either two legged or four legged visitors!

An extremely useful method on arable land and in gardens and other locations where the rabbits are entering from areas where access cannot be achieved to their burrows (such as ownership and gorse).

We have used this to great effect on arable land and pony paddocks adjoining railway lines where the client needed expedient results without the cost of fencing and box traps.

This is a low cost method and is ideally suited to the client with a limited budget.

Trapping – Humane Killing

We use the full range of Defra approved Humane Spring Traps, including Imbra’s, Juby’s, Magnum BMI “Bodygrips” 116’s and Fenn Mark 6s. These traps are set by our experienced and skilled staff in the burrow entrances, artificial tunnels and covered fence lines, and as the name suggest, kill the rabbit instantly.

Our operators follow DEFRA’s guidelines at all times in their use and we have the traps checked a minimum of twice a day. All traps are marked and located on our trapping location plans to ensure all are accounted for.

Following the trapping period all holes are filled in and any, which are re-opened and can be quickly noticed and re-trapped to ensure 100% control.

Please note we do not use this method in or close to areas of public access or near and / or in residential and urban areas.

In the right location and using the right techniques, such as banks and hedgerows fronting arable land, these traps can be very effective. In addition we also use them in mopping up any rabbits left following ferreting.

We hold a stock of several hundred traps, which ensures we can cover large areas and trap every burrow necessary. For professional clearance this is essential.

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Clients and Areas of Operation

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