Although a controversial rabbit control method, going back thousands of years, snaring is still used by the highly skilled operators at Landmark, if required by the client.

The snares are placed on well used rabbit runs, leading from the warrens to the area the rabbits are feeding upon. This is a highly effect method when used correctly and particularly so in the spring and summer months. All snares have a marker stick and in addition are also marked on a location plan to ensure all wires are inspected and retrieved.

Our operators check the set snares twice in every 24 hour period to re set any that have been sprung, as well as dispatching and removing any rabbits.

Snare timings are flexible and can be worked around the client.  All sites are vetted to ensure that no domestic or farm livestock have access to the ground being treated and each location has it’s own risk assessment which is agreed with the client.

Correctly operated to maximise animal welfare, snaring is both very cost effective and efficient as well as discreet method of rabbit removal.

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Clients and Areas of Operation

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