When correctly erected, rabbit proof fencing is an invaluable tool in the prevention of rabbit damage. At Landmark Rabbit Control we understand the capabilities of rabbits, which gives us the knowledge to be able to correctly erect rabbit fencing in order to keep your land rabbit free.

Most fencing contractors use poorer quality materials and fail to erect the fence to the correct height and depth required to keep the rabbits at bay. The fact is that most fencing firms underestimate a rabbit’s capabilities. We have witnessed rabbits chewing through, digging under and climbing over alleged ‘rabbit proof fencing’.

Landmark use only high quality materials, which in turn means not only are our rabbit proof fences effective but also long lasting, therefore being cheaper and more cost effective in the long term.  Each job is different and the erecting of each fence will be decided on its own merit. We always use 18-gauge 25mm heavy-duty netting.  The netting is buried to the correct depth and gates can be fitted where needed.

Our fences will prevent the entry of young and adult rabbits. In most cases we use our specialist machinery, which has a specialised bucket fitted that enables us to dig to the correct depth and width for the correct erection of a rabbit proof fence. This allows us to erect fencing quickly and precisely. We can also retro-fit netting onto existing fences (such as post and rail, stock netting and chain link fencing etc). Using the digger we can erect substantial amounts of netting in a short space of time, therefore allowing us to install fencing are extremely cost effective.

For jobs where our machinery is unpractical we can use more traditional means whilst still maintaining the high quality and effectiveness of our rabbit fencing.

In many cases it would be helpful to install drop boxes along the fence to enable us to quickly catch any rabbits that are trying to breach the fence and get back onto your land. A member of staff will be happy to advise you on any aspect of rabbit proofing your land or answer any questions you may have.

Areas Covered for rabbit proof fencing

Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire, Bristol, Berkshire, Surrey, East & West Sussex, Kent, London, Oxford, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire, Worcestershire, Northamptonshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Wales & Scotland and the Isle of Wight.

However, we are happy to consider any area in the UK.

Please contact Ken Jenkins
M: 07843 280350

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Clients and Areas of Operation

The National Trust English Heritage Dyer & Butler Babcock Int Premier Country Estates County Councils Highways Agency Waterboards Wildlife Trust Arable Livestock & Stud Farms Golf Courses Riding Schools Shoots Government bodies Councils Highways Private Houses Small Holdings Defence Sector Customers Renewable Energy Suppliers