This is a highly specialised method of rabbit extermination, using the latest in Infar red night vision and thermal imaging. Ideal for use in sensitive areas after dark, where a covert operation is required or when rabbits have become lamp shy or are easily spooked.

Our chief marksman is a military weapons instructor who is a highly skilled sniper. Either working on foot or from a vehicle, each marksman is accompanied by a spotter with their own night vision, who in addition collects the shot rabbits, ensuring no sign of our visit is left behind.

The results are devastating and often the rabbits have no idea we are there. Increasingly our clients are demanding this service having seen its instant results, and the number of rabbits at the end of the night!

We have a full range of rifles to suit all localities and situations. A full health and safety assessment is carried out in advance prior to any work commencing, including an understanding of ground depth and safety angles of shot.

Breakfast in the fresh air ... a lovely way to start the day
Ratting Saturday and rabbiting Sunday none stop for this jack Russel pup!
Shooting season over and We are invited with smokers and terriers catching 200 plus back again next week!!

Clients and Areas of Operation

The National Trust English Heritage Dyer & Butler Babcock Int Premier Country Estates County Councils Highways Agency Waterboards Wildlife Trust Arable Livestock & Stud Farms Golf Courses Riding Schools Shoots Government bodies Councils Highways Private Houses Small Holdings Defence Sector Customers Renewable Energy Suppliers