We often use long netting in the daytime around bushes and impenetrable areas, where access to the warrens is impossible or as a back up to purse nets.  The entire burrow system would be encircled to ensure no escapees.

A highly efficient, environmentally friendly and discreet method, whether used at night or in the daytime (the net is set between the feeding rabbits and their warrens to catch them when driven in) in conjunction with ferrets, where bolted rabbits are flushed into the webs of the set net.

Night use is ideally suited to locations where covert methods are called for. The only evidence we have been to an area will be the disappearance of the rabbit population.

All rabbits are swiftly and humanely dispatched in the nets. We have literally thousands of yards of handmade longnets to suit all eventualities and locations.

Long Netting Gallery

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