Lamping is a method of rabbit control at night where an operator uses a high-powered lamp to illuminate rabbits, which can either be shot or retrieved by trained dogs.

At Landmark we can offer the client variations of this format to suit the location and in conjunction with shooting we either have the operator on a quad bike, or a four by four or on sensitive ground on foot where required. Health and safety is a must and as always, full risk assessments are carried out and strict rules adhered to. This sectioned is headed up by our Military weapons trained instructor.

This is a very effective method especially in the Autumn months when rabbits are not so accustomed to the lamp, which in untrained hands can make them “lamp shy.” It also gives our team a good idea of the rabbit numbers on the ground and is ideal for “mopping up” after the land has been worked by our ferreting team.
We also have an excellent reputation for the use of highly trained, purpose-bred dogs to work the lamp (they run down the beam and retrieve the rabbit to the operator unharmed).

This method is undertaken where it is either impractical or dangerous to use rifles (or indeed where shooting is either banned or restricted), such in built up areas and on MOD land. This method is efficient and quiet with no risk to any person or livestock and gives instant visible results by way of a body count at the end of the evening.

Full reports are emailed to the client the following day with photographs if required.

As always we liaise with the client over access and notify any relevant and requested party before and after we leave the site.  All our team carry ID and mobile phones and operate a strict code of conduct.

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Clients and Areas of Operation

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