Harvest time creates an excellent opportunity for Landmark Rabbit Control to decimate the rabbit population using a variety of methods. As the arable crops grow and the weather warms, rabbits move from their warrens to seek food and harbourage amongst the standing crops.

Fields of maize and wheat become huge havens for the rabbits, which due to the crop height are often unseen.

Working with the farmer and or harvesting contractor, on the day of the cropping, our team will erect longnets in between warrens and the rabbits in the standing crops. With no delay or disturbance to the combine harvester and cropping team, we work quietly and often unnoticed dispatching the fleeing rabbits as the crop is cut. Only at the end can the sheer numbers of rabbits living in the crop be truly appreciated by the very noticeable pile of our own “harvested rabbits” by the longnets.

In addition, in locations with less rabbits our marksmen use shotguns and stop nets. We do follow up with lamping if required to mop up any survivors. Our substantial amount of longnets allow as to cover several fields at once and please contact us in advance for booking this service due to high demand during the harvesting period.

As in all operations health and safety are paramount and full assessments and briefings of our operators is done prior to the
works starting.

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Clients and Areas of Operation

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