Rabbit problems are not just the preserve of the rural community. Increasingly the rabbit population has grown in urban areas, whether along railway embankments, Industrial sites or City centre parks.

We are well versed in working in sensitive urban areas where the public have access.  Our methods create virtually no notice or issues from those who may not understand the reasons for managing the rabbits.

Much of our work and indeed expertise is clearing rabbits and preventing the re population in sensitive locations such as grave yards and school grounds and playing fields.

Each job has its own problems and issues but with many years experience we can use techniques and covert methods to ensure as little disruption as possible and often no one is any the wiser other that any rabbit control has been carried out.

Whether it is a golf course, Cricket ground, Public Parks or Industrial Estate, we have the experience and the tools for the job. In addition our paperwork along with best working practice and health and safety will meet with all clients requirements.

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Clients and Areas of Operation

The National Trust English Heritage Dyer & Butler Babcock Int Premier Country Estates County Councils Highways Agency Waterboards Wildlife Trust Arable Livestock & Stud Farms Golf Courses Riding Schools Shoots Government bodies Councils Highways Private Houses Small Holdings Defence Sector Customers Renewable Energy Suppliers