The Landmark Rabbit Control team have for over 30 years been working on Archaeological rich and sensitive sites. Our client list includes English Heritage, National Trust and English Nature.

We fully understand the restrictions and methods required on these often very public locations of great national interest.

Our working practices fully meet all the required codes of conduct and our staff, are well versed in working in such environments.

Often working in hand with archaeologist we have the solutions to meet all requirements from protecting ancient Tumuli and burial mounds, to eradicating rabbits from Castle fortifications.

Decided to make a set of chefs knives from reclaimed farrier rasps ... here’s the first one.
We may have to add knife makers to our company name ... here is some of what I’ve made.
Another riding school cleared of rabbits tonight

Clients and Areas of Operation

The National Trust English Heritage Dyer & Butler Babcock Int Premier Country Estates County Councils Highways Agency Waterboards Wildlife Trust Arable Livestock & Stud Farms Golf Courses Riding Schools Shoots Government bodies Councils Highways Private Houses Small Holdings Defence Sector Customers Renewable Energy Suppliers