Landmark Fox Control specialise in urban fox control in high risk areas and the urban environment. The local council pest control services don't have the experience, equipment or firearms license’s required to offer an efficient fox control service and so turn to the professionals such as ourselves for an answer to the problem.

With many years experience in both rural and urban fox control, there is never a situation where we are unable to provide an effective solution. we will always ensure that all control methods happen smoothly, discreetly and most importantly safely.

Foxes have become a prolific pest species in the past decade in many towns and cities.  Some foxes can become very bold in these urban environments, and in extreme cases will enter properties and will inevitably start raiding bins.

There have been an increasing number of attacks on family pets, young children and even adults by urban foxes that have become so bold they have lost their fear of humans.

Foxes carry all manner of diseases that can infect both native wildlife and domestic animals, including Distemper, lung worm, parvovirus, canine hepatitis, heart worm sarcoptic mange and weils disease.

As the urban population increases territory becomes smaller and the population density makes finding natural food very difficult, which forces the fox population to make ever more bold attempts to feed itself. With no natural predator in the UK, it is our responsibility to try and keep their population under control.

Landmark Fox Control have firearms in a variety of calibers to enable us to use them as safely as possible, we also have a large number of discreet fox traps which can be used in very high risk areas.

Our professional team of fox controllers can offer all forms of advice and control from a site visit, to non lethal deterrents and removal to fully eradicating the offending culprit or culprits!

Our solutions range from night shooting with trained marksman using silenced rifles and night vision, to non harmful live trapping with our own specially developed cages. We are also able in certain circumstances to flush foxes from their dens whether they be under sheds and buildings or deep underground on your property.

Above all we use the most appropriate and humane methods to suit the customer whilst always being discreet.

Our bespoke services range from a single visit to regular visits, again down to the customer’s needs.

For further information on all our methods and to discuss your needs please contact us.

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Clients and Areas of Operation

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